Columbia River Resources Inc. Acquires Cutting-Edge Pharmaceutical RFID Company

Columbia River Resources (Pink Sheets:CRVV) has finalised the purchase of Traxxec Ltd., a UK registered company that specialises in the development of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) products and their supportive systems and applications.

There is significant synergy with the current Columbia River Resources Inc subsidiary, Medify Solutions Limited. The founders of Traxxec have more than twenty years experience
in packaging applications and development, particularly in the pharmaceutical sector, and in the last six years have funded the development of RFID applications in the pharmaceutical and healthcare market.

In October 2005 they made a patent application for a RFID enabled pharmaceutical bottle and have secured early commercial sales in both Europe and US. During the development period they have also successfully piloted the RFID application and have presented the technology to the industry with some acclaim.

On April 20th 2007 Traxxec Ltd entered in to a fifteen year worldwide patent exclusive license agreement with Rexam Pharma ( whereas Traxxec agreed to assign its patent exclusively to Rexam (Licensee).

In the agreement the Licensee desires to manufacture and sell certain of its products consisting in attaching an RFID tag to a component subject to the said patent in the Pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors.

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