Javelin Pharmaceuticals Dyloject(R) Added To Hospital Formulary In UK

Javelin Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (AMEX:JAV) announced late yesterday at its New York analyst and investor day that the UK approval of Dyloject (its proprietary injectable formulation of diclofenac sodium) heralds its emergence as a commercial entity.

Previously a specialty pharmaceutical company engaged in the development of pain products, it is now fully engaged in commercialization and revenue generation. Company senior management reviewed the key events leading to this point: - In October 2007 Javelin Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd received MHRA approval in the UK for Dyloject for use in acute pain including postoperative pain - On December 11th, Javelin announced it received favorable Dyloject pricing of GBP 48.00 per pack (10 x 2ml vials) from the Department of Health Pharmaceutical Price Regulation Scheme ("PPRS"). - Within days following confirmation of pricing, Javelin Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd received notification of its first hospital formulary approval and first order for Dyloject.

"This is clearly an exciting time for the company, as it marks Javelin's transition from a pre-commercial organization to a fully commercial operation", said Mark Matthews, Vice President Commercial Affairs.

"As a next step, Javelin intends to file additional marketing applications through the mutual recognition process in a number of European Union member countries, including Germany, Europe's largest market for prescription injectable pain medications" Javelin Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd has engaged a hospital sales force of eleven representatives who are currently in the process of obtaining hospital formulary approvals for Dyloject to drive additional orders.

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