Best Practices In Global Pharmaceutical Launches’ Is Taken From In-Depth Surveys and Lessons Learned in Interviews With More Than 26 Executives at Sev

Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of Best Practices in Global Pharmaceutical Launches to their offering.

This Benchmarking Report identifies the winning strategies, practices and investment patterns that distinguish successful global marketing launches. These project findings are designed to enable you and your team to move knowledgeably forward toward the objective of developing your own world-class marketing launch capabilities.

Discover how the world's leading pharmaceutical companies develop global launch strategies, manage launch teams, cultivate thought leader support, integrate marketing activities, and conduct a host of other critical launch activities.

Benchmark study findings are organized into an executive summary and two parts:
Executive Summary – The executive summary outlines the five top "Lessons Learned," as identified by benchmark partners and project analysts. Studying these lessons learned will help benchmark partners frame their overall thinking about global marketing launch decisions. Accompanying charts provide one-glance summaries of the key learnings of the project.

Survey Data Analysis – Based on benchmark partners’ survey responses, this section analyzes investment patterns, activity timing and organizational structure for global marketing launches. It also identifies key launch activities that have the greatest impact on product success.

This section contains seven sub-sections: Benchmark Methodologies, Survey Data Overview, Thought Leader Development, Sales Force Support, Marketing Activities, Market Research, and Life Cycle Management.

Interview Analysis – Lessons Learned, Best Practices and Key Trends: Part II addresses critical strategic learnings identified by benchmark partners. It is divided into seven sub-sections: Global Marketing Launch Strategy and Structure, Managing Cross-Functional Teams, Thought Leader Development, Sales Force Support, Market Research, Marketing Activities, and Life Cycle Management.

The report includes:
- Analysis of the multi-year marketing launch investment and expense patterns of successful products.

- Profiles of leading pharmaceutical companies’ approaches to structuring global marketing organization.

- Identification of best management practices employed during key launch activities.
- Key Lessons Learned in planning and coordinating successful global product launches.

The leading practices, managerial insights and benchmark metrics in this report are drawn from in-depth surveys and lessons learned interviews with more than 26 executives at several leading pharmaceutical companies. The project team, composed of seasoned experts and analysts, probed 12 product launches in-depth.

Additionally, pharmaceutical product launch information was gathered from various other sources, including databases, other public and private databases, literature reviews, and on-line data research.

Content Outline:

Executive Summary
- Project Background
- Report Structure & Organization
- Benchmark Class
- Key Project Findings
- Summary of Lessons Learned
- Next Steps
- Project Maps

Part I
Survey Data Analysis

- Benchmark Methodologies
- Survey Data Overview
- Thought Leader Development
- Sales Force Support
- Market Research
- Market Activities
- Life Cycle Management
- Path Forward

Part II
Interview Analysis:
Lessons Learned
Best Practices and Key Trends

- Global Marketing Launch Strategy and Structure
- Managing Cross-Functional Launch Teams
- Thought Leader Development
- Sales Force Support
- Market Research
- Marketing Activities
- Life Cycle Management

Companies Mentioned:
- Merck
- Eli Lilly
- Wyeth
- GlaxoSmithKline
- Novartis
- Pfizer
- Johnson & Johnson
- Bristol-Myers Squibb
- Sanofi-Aventis
- AstraZeneca
- Roche
- Schering-Plough

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