Cantox Announces the Launch of Ashuren Health Sciences Pharmaceutical Division

CANTOX HEALTH SCIENCES INC. and CANTOX US INC., a leadinginternational scientific and regulatory consulting firm with specializedexpertise in the areas of Pharmaceutical & Healthcare, Food & Nutrition,Chemicals and Agriculture, Biotech & Consumer Products announces the launch ofAshuren Health Sciences as the new name for their Pharmaceutical & HealthcareDivision.

For the past 20 years, Cantox has been helping clients resolve complexscientific and toxicology issues, develop scientific and strategic regulatoryplans, and facilitating timely regulatory global approvals. Cantox has beenoptimizing success and minimizing client risk through broad expertise andknowledge.

"The decision to rename the Pharmaceutical & Healthcare Division 'ASHURENHealth Sciences' was taken in order to more accurately represent our expandingglobal client base and to reflect our diverse international regulatory agencyinteractions," said Lindsay N. Donald, Vice President of AshurenPharmaceutical & Healthcare.

"We have been assisting clients with theirtoxicology and drug development issues in Europe, North America, Asia andAustralia."

"In order to rapidly and cost effectively move drugs through developmentit is imperative to anticipate scientific and regulatory issues ahead oftime," commented Anna Metcalfe, Vice President of Regulatory Affairs forAshuren.

"This is where the experience of Ashuren's scientific and regulatoryaffairs consultants can really aid our pharmaceutical and biotech clients."

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