EastBridge Investment Group Obtains 9th Client -- Huang Wei Pharmaceutical Company to Take Public in United States

EastBridge Investment Group (EBIG) (OTCBB: EBIG), today announced that it has signed a definitive listing agreement with Huang Wei Pharmaceutical Company, Hebei, China, to take it public in the United States.

EastBridge will provide listing services to Huang Wei, a well known Chinese pharmaceutical company located approximately two hours from Beijing, with the intent to list the company on the United States stock market as soon as possible. Huang Wei has recently added over thirty drug approvals from the Chinese FDA. Its products range from the special anti-inflammatory to blood pressure-lowering drugs.

Norm Klein, CFO and COO of EBIG, commented, "The Chinese pharmaceutical market in terms of volume is now the world's number one. It is divided into many categories. Huang Wei is a well known producer of drugs for age-related ailments. With the number of new approvals, there is a big potential for Huang Wei to expand and acquire a larger market share. The company itself is profitable and increasing its revenue. We are confident that both shareholders from Huang Wei and EBIG will benefit from this listing project."

EastBridge divides its clients into three annual revenue sizes: Growth: one to ten million dollars; Market-Niche: ten to twenty million dollars; and Market-Leader: above twenty million dollars. Huang Wei is in the high Growth category.

Depending on the complexity and size of each project, EastBridge normally is compensated anywhere from 10-25% stock ownership in the client company for the listing services provided.
EastBridge Investment Group focuses on small to medium-size high-growth companies in China and India offering IPOs, Joint Ventures and Merchant Banking services. The Company targets industries in electronics, real estate, auto, metal, energy, environmental, bioscience and food retail distribution.

To learn more about EastBridge Investment Group go to our web site: www.EbigCorp.com.

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To learn more about EBIG, please listen to the CEO's interview conducted by Killian Brandon, senior analyst of Wall Street Reporter: http://www.wallstreetreporter.com/page.php?page=featured&id=27650
To view an analyst's report by Chris Gupta, CFA, senior equity stock analyst: http://www.ebigcorp.com/EBIG/Home/Ebig_Analysts_Report.pdf

Source : money.cnn.com

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