The Indian Pharmaceutical Market At Present Is Highly Fragmented, With The Top Three Companies Having A Market Share Of Around 5% Each

Research and Markets ( has announced the addition of "Indian Pharma Sector Analysis" to their offering.

The market research report "Indian Pharma Sector Analysis" is detailed study of the Indian pharmaceutical market. It does an exhaustive investigation on the structure of the domestic pharmaceutical market and gives a thorough analysis of the driving and restraining forces operating against it.

India has one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical markets in the world. In 2006-07, this market was valued at over US$ 7 Billion.

Driven by a huge patient base, increasing incomes, improving healthcare infrastructure and strong penetration of health insurance, the pharmaceutical market is expected to grow more than double its size in the next five years. Drugs for acute diseases presently dominate this market; however, the increasing penetration of lifestyle-related diseases is expected to fuel the growth of drugs targeting chronic diseases.

The Indian pharmaceutical market at present is highly fragmented, with the top three companies having a market share of around 5% each. However, introduction of the product patent regime is likely to result in heavy consolidation in future.

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