Lotus Pharmaceuticals Inc. Retains CCG Elite

Lotus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. ("Lotus" or "the Company"), a leading pharmaceutical company in the People's Republic of China ("PRC"), today announced that it has retained CCG Elite to design and execute its investor relations campaign.

Through its GMP certified facilities, Lotus manufactures its own branded drugs and products for third-party distributors in China.

The Company sells over 5,000 types of western, traditional Chinese medicines, and medical equipment via its extensive distribution network, covering over 300 distributors in 28 provinces, 1,000 hospitals, and 10 wholly owned and operated drug stores in Beijing.

Additionally, Lotus offers contract research and development services. Novel branded drugs include Valsartan capsules for high blood pressure, which was Lotus' best selling drug in the first nine months of 2007; Brimonidine tartrate eyes drops for glaucoma; Levofloxacin lactate for infections; and Nicergoline injections for central nervous system complications, all of which are included in the national medical insurance catalog. For nine months ending September 30, 2007, net sales for Lotus totaled $37.6 million, up 50% from the same period in the prior year.

"We are a rapidly growing pharmaceutical manufacturer and distributor in China," said Dr. Liu Zhong Yi, Chairman, CEO and President of Lotus Pharmaceuticals, Inc. "We look forward to working with CCG Elite to increase our visibility in both the investment community and with the financial media as seek to maximize value to our shareholders.''

Pharmaceutical sales in the PRC are expected to rise by over 13 percent annually, reaching $24 billion by 2010. The demand for pharmaceutical products in the PRC is expected to increase rapidly over the coming years due to growing affluence, size of the middle class, and the aging population.

Lotus expects has a pipeline of over 20 branded generics and novel drugs, mainly in the cardiovascular and hormonal product markets. Furthermore, the Company plans to further expand its market share in Inner Mongolia, Anhui, and Beijing. Other growth strategies include direct sales of pharmaceuticals to hospitals, increasing its retail pharmacy presence in Beijing, and strategic acquisitions.

"Lotus is a leading pharmaceutical company with strong manufacturing capabilities, novel branded drugs, extensive distribution channels, and a strong management team," said Crocker Coulson, President of CCG Elite. "The Company is well-positioned to take advantage of increasing demand for pharmaceuticals in China. We intend to assist the Company to develop a broader following with fund managers and analysts focusing on high growth equities from China through an integrated investor relations program."

The Company maintains a representative office in the United States, where its Chief Financial Officer is located. For more information, refer to http://www.lotuseast.com .

Source : money.cnn.com

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