Pharmaceutical Medical Affairs Best Practices: Structuring, Aligning and Funding for Global Success

In recent years Medical Affairs departments have come to the forefront of value generation for pharmaceutical and biotech companies alike by serving such critical strategic roles as forging key opinion leader partnerships, accelerating a product's market penetration and expansion, generating new clinical and scientific data to inform and educate healthcare professionals, and securing access and reimbursement for products through health outcomes studies.

To provide the Medical Affairs professional with the tools to continuously fulfill these growing strategic roles and optimize their group's overall capabilities and efficiencies, Best Practices, LLC has published a comprehensive benchmarking report:

"Medical Affairs Excellence: Structuring, Aligning and Funding for Global Success"
The report includes critical insights on:

-- Allocating the right number of employees per number of compound and therapy,
-- Benchmarking budgets against others' spend levels,
-- Measuring outsourcing levels against those of competitors, and
-- Determining which activities are best outsourced vs. in-house.

Download content details and sample best practices and metrics in the complimentary report summary available online at

Best Practices, LLC surveyed and interviewed seasoned medical affairs executives at 12 top tier pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, including Abbott Labs, Amgen, AstraZeneca, GSK, Eli Lilly and Merck to capture their insights on organizational structures and processes, staffing, outsourcing and spending and performance measurement.

For more metrics, best practices and information about this report, download a complimentary excerpt of Medical Affairs Excellence: Structuring, Aligning and Funding for Global Success at

To drill down on the numerous metrics and best practices also contact our Solution Specialists at (919) 403-0251 or

If this study is not meeting your current business needs, inquire about starting your own research study. Our custom client research will answer your pressing business questions and provide you with actionable insights and process best practices. Please contact Anna Buhr, Manager of Research Operations at to learn more about custom research.

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