Pharmaceutical Profiles Reports Seminar Success

At the recent 2007 AAPS Annual Meeting in San Diego, USA, Pharmaceutical Profiles Ltd (Nottingham, UK) registered more than 75 participants for their seminar: 'Successful development of oral modified release formulations'.

Attendees heard industry leaders from Panacos, Chorus, Eli Lilly and Pfizer deliver a series of stimulating presentations. Dr David Martin (Panacos) outlined data from studies designed to assess the regional bioavailability of a potent HIV maturation inhibitor, whilst Dr Tom Stephens (Chorus, Eli Lilly) described how innovations in clinical trial design informed modified release (MR) formulation development activity for a promising migraine compound.

Dr Alex Phipps (Pfizer) gave an insight into the use of scintigraphic image analysis in evaluating food effects on the pharmacokinetics of a novel treatment for prostatic hyperplasia.

Each illustrated how understanding a different aspect of the oral bioavailability of a drug in humans, early in clinical development, can help achieve the optimum dosing regimen - ideally, once-a-day. The presentations are now available for download,

Pharmaceutical Profiles specialises in early clinical drug development, using innovative technologies and expertise to optimize drug delivery and performance in the clinic. With more than 16 years' experience of developing oral dosage forms to achieve once or twice daily dosing regimens, the company's human absorption knowledge has contributed to the development of more than 100 small molecules, proteins and peptides.

This event forms part of a programme of workshops and webinars by Pharmaceutical Profiles. In addition, an extensive library of scientific publications, posters, presentations and white papers is available from the Pharmaceutical Profiles website.

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