BT Helps Pharmaceutical Firms Improve Information Management Strategies

BT Global Services launched Pharmaceutical Records and Information Management (PRIM) to help firms reduce costs and time to market with more efficient and productive information management strategies. The PRIM solution enables firms to rationalise their information infrastructure to reduce operational costs and share information assets across the world.

The unlocked value allows firms to focus on innovation by investing in the R&D pipeline to speed up time to market for new drugs and maximise limited periods of patent protection. The rationalised infrastructure also reduces the complex compliance risks and inefficient methods associated with legacy processes, systems and applications. Yury Rozenman, global head of BT’s pharmaceutical sector, said: “Changing conditions point to globalisation, new competition, industry consolidation and expiring patents. Firms that turn their fragmented, inaccessible, yet enormously valuable, data into a joined up information management strategy will be able to adapt faster.” The PRIM solution is a secure network based information platform that extracts data from legacy systems before converting and storing it in a new future proofed format.

Firms can replace inefficient and unproductive legacy processes, systems and applications cost effectively without compromising their compliance programmes. Rozenman continues: “We know from talking to our customers that pharmaceutical firms can spend as much as 50 per cent of their IT budget maintaining legacy systems. PRIM addresses increasing cost pressures by rationalising IT infrastructure and releasing capital to invest in improving the R&D pipeline. In addition PRIM ensures research and previous investigation results, such as work exploring compounds, is shared and exploited rather than forgotten or expensively duplicated.”

An integrated information management approach ensures pharmaceutical firms can focus on their core business – finding safer ways to provide answer to life threatening diseases and bring drugs to market as fast as possible. The open availability of valuable data allows firms to achieve their goals and ensure patients benefit from faster treatment. PRIM has initially been launched in the UK and Switzerland, and will be made available in other locations including the USA, Germany and Japan later this year.

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