Cutting Edge Information Joins the Center for Business Intelligence to Disclose First-Ever Pharmaceutical Marketing Meeting Planners Findings

The Center for Business Intelligence (CBI) and Medical Meetings magazine are pleased to invite the pharmaceutical industry to attend the 4th Annual Pharmaceutical Meeting Planners Forum March 17-19, 2008, Baltimore, MD.

This is the largest educational conference dedicated to the professional development needs of meeting and procurement professionals in the pharmaceutical sector.

Cutting Edge Information has collaborated with the Center for Business Intelligence and Medical Meetings Magazine to develop a new benchmarking study designed specifically for pharmaceutical meeting planners. Results were drawn from a first-time survey exclusively from pharmaceutical meeting planners.

These new and exciting findings will be revealed at the conference by Elio Evangelista, Research Team Leader at Cutting Edge Information.

According to Evangelista, "Meeting planning is taking on a much more strategic role in the life sciences industries. The data we have compiled show trends in meeting planning management and how the function operates in line with companies' strategies."
Other highlights include:

-- Keynote session announcing the results of the first-ever
pharmaceutical meeting planners survey
-- Summits for senior-level pharmaceutical and independent meeting
-- 6 tracks focusing on compliance, procurement, international meetings,
and more

All conference attendees will receive an invitation to join Pharma Planners Connect, CBI's new online community, where there will be the opportunity to:

-- Network with attendees who share similar interests
-- Start a dialogue with faculty about meeting planner key issues
-- Communicate information about their backgrounds
-- Schedule meetings that will take place during the conference

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