Exco InTouch Introduces Innovative REACT for Improved Patient Recruitment, Retention and Compliance

Exco InTouch has introduced REACT, providing secure mobile communication for healthcare and biopharmaceutical applications. REACT is designed to improve subject recruitment, retention and compliance during clinical trials and pharmaceutical marketing studies, from delivering reminder services to patients to non-intrusive methods of promoting investigator relationships. REACT has revolutionised clinical trial communication, using Short Message Service (SMS) to send scheduled, action-driven text messages directly to the mobile phone user, enhancing volunteer relationship management.

Finding good quality volunteers and patients for clinical trials is a continuing challenge and SMS helps target, identify and locate volunteers and patient populations, additionally providing a new channel to deliver timed reminders regarding screening appointments and trial prerequisites. REACT allows for the customisation of mobile services and can be integrated into existing systems or delivered as a custom-made application. Patient retention and compliance are also improved through the provision of interactive and personalised SMS messages.

REACT software allows selection from approved, validated, local language translations, with the capacity to insert multiple variables for personalised messages. Seamless integration with email and total reporting facilities is available, allowing for full role and rights-based access to ensure that the right people do the right things at the right time. REACT seamlessly integrates with both electronic and paper based clinical trial workflow processes, through a secure encryption of mobile user data. Exco InTouch follows a standard quality management process to provide the highest quality technology to its clients. Data is stored in a secure database, complying with the EU data privacy act and applicable industry legislation. Exco InTouch computer systems are also fully validated to comply with FDA 21 CFR part 11 guidelines.

Exco InTouch provides cost-effective, simple technology to communicate with and elicit a response from patients. By utilising simple SMS technology, alerts are delivered promptly to the patient participating in a clinical study via their own mobile phone. These SMS methods are non-intrusive, offering healthcare providers with a simple cost-effective, personal, direct-to-patient system of communication. REACT from Exco InTouch is available as a hosted service or as an enterprise solution installed within a corporate network, allowing rapid import of contact management data. Participants and investigators can be linked, providing seamless, traceable communication paths .

Exco InTouch is the premier provider of global, secure and regulatory compliant short messaging service (SMS) technology to the biopharmaceutical and healthcare industries. The Exco InTouch technology is currently used by a number of large pharmaceutical companies in support of their clinical trials and marketing programs.

Source : www.medadnews.com

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