Nastech Pharmaceutical Company Inc. Announces Scientific Advisory Board for MDRNA, Inc., its Wholly-Owned RNAi Subsidiary

Nastech Pharmaceutical Company Inc. (Nasdaq: NSTK) announced today the appointment of a Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) for MDRNA, Inc., its wholly-owned subsidiary for the development of RNAi technology and therapeutics. The SAB, initially comprised of three noted scientists and clinicians, will provide critical scientific and medical input on MDRNA's strategic direction.

'The formation of such a strong Scientific Advisory Board speaks to our commitment to the highest quality scientific, technological, and clinical effort in the RNAi space,' stated Steven C. Quay, Chairman and CEO of Nastech. 'We are particularly pleased to have attracted such prominent scientists, physicians and opinion leaders to our SAB. Their experience, perspectives and insights will play an integral role as we advance our technology and product candidates through pre-clinical and clinical development. Additional members will be added in the near term to augment the strengths of the SAB.' read more

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