Neurosolutions Signs a $1 Million Deal with US Pharmaceutical Firm

NeuroDiscovery Ltd (ASX: NDL), a speciality neuroscience services provider and drug development company, is pleased to announce that its 100% subsidiary, NeuroSolutions Ltd (NeuroSolutions) has entered into a further agreement ("the Agreement") with a US pharmaceutical company.

Under the terms of the new Agreement, NeuroSolutions will provide its specialist electrophysiology services to the US Company for 12 months. The Agreement is for a maximum of approximately A$1 million.

"In addition to expecting results from our clinical trials, currently underway for NSL-101 and NSL-043, the continuing expansion of our profitable services business in the U.S. market is a key component to our future growth and this Agreement marks another milestone for us in this respect," commented Dr Mark Treherne, Chairman of NeuroDiscovery.

NeuroDiscovery's Chief Scientific Officer, Professor David Spanswick added "We are delighted that NeuroSolutions is expanding its role as a significant services provider for this pharmaceutical company and we look forward to continuing our successful working relationship with them. Our service business continues to grow and we expect to be able to secure further major contracts in the future."

For commercially sensitive reasons NeuroDiscovery is not able to name the pharmaceutical company.

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