Paladin Files New Drug Submission for SEASONIQUE®

Paladin Labs Inc. (TSX:PLB), a leading Canadian specialty pharmaceutical company, announced today that it has filed a new drug submission for SEASONIQUE® with the Therapeutic Products Directorate of Health Canada. SEASONIQUE® is the next generation of extended-cycle oral contraceptives for the prevention of pregnancy.

Paladin signed a license and distribution agreement with Duramed Pharmaceuticals, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Barr Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NYSE:BRL), which granted Paladin the exclusive Canadian license to market SEASONIQUE®."SEASONIQUE® is an excellent strategic fit to our strong women's health franchise. SEASONIQUE® complements SEASONALE® in offering Canadian women an additional, innovative option in birth control," said Jonathan Ross Goodman, President & CEO of Paladin Labs.

Like SEASONALE®, SEASONIQUE® is a unique extended-cycle birth control pill. Approved in July, SEASONALE® was launched in Canada in January 2008Currently, SEASONIQUE® is approved and marketed in the United States, where it was launched in July 2006.Under the SEASONIQUE® extended-cycle regimen, women take active tablets of 0.15 mg levonorgestrel/0.03 mg of ethinyl estradiol for 84 consecutive days, followed by seven days of a low dose of ethinyl estradiol (0.01 mg). The regimen is also designed to reduce the number of withdrawal bleeding periods from thirteen to four periods per year.

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