Simcere Pharmaceutical Group (SCR) to Release Q4 2007 Earnings March 4

Simcere Pharmaceutical Group (NYSE:SCR) will release the fourth quarter earnings for 2007 on March 4.

Simcere Pharmaceutical manufactures and supplies branded generic pharmaceuticals in the Chinese market. The company focuses on introducing generic and pharmaceutical products to treat diseases with high incidence and mortality rate.

Included in the company’s product line is Bicun, a generic anti-stroke medication and Endu, an anti-cancer medication also called Endostar.

The company manufactures and sells 35 pharmaceutical products, such as antibiotics, an anti-cancer medication and an anti-stroke medication. The company also distributes three pharmaceuticals marketed, such as anti-inflammatory pain relievers, under its brand names.

Simcere acquired Master Luck Corporation in November 2007.

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