Teragram Wins Top 10 Pharmaceutical Company for Taxonomy Project

Teragram, the leading provider of multilingual natural language processing technologies, announced today that a top 10 pharmaceutical company has chosen Teragram for a taxonomy management project. Teragram will be providing text analytics tools including taxonomy management, automatic metadata generation and automatic categorization to this global pharmaceutical company – providing a structure to information that makes it easier to search and access data produced by research, drug discovery and other organizational processes. The life sciences vertical is adopting the publishing industry’s method of managing digital content using proven linguistic technologies for efficiently handling large amounts of content.

Teragram has created a set of rules which allow life sciences companies to map their internal documents to the Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) open standards, a thesaurus of nearly 25,000 terms from the National Library of Medicine. Teragram’s text analytics solutions integrate directly with MeSH, enabling pharmaceutical and life sciences corporations to create highly specific, searchable databases. For example, a pharmaceutical company could use Teragram’s Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Taxonomy to tag and organize patents, lab research and scientific articles – unifying their content from throughout the organization and making it easier to find related documents. With this taxonomy, a medical researcher can browse all of the documents in the organization using a hierarchical topic tree.

In addition, when the Teragram Pharmaceutical and Life Sciences Taxonomy is used in conjunction with a search engine, users can narrow their search results based on the topics found within the result sets. For instance, a search on the term “Lymphoma research” can be narrowed down gradually by clicking on expandable categories that specify types of Lymphoma, demographics of patients, treatments, etc. Authorized members of the staff can make changes as the company evolves – which keeps research, records and other important information up-to-date and accurate.

“Teragram has worked with most of the major media and publishing companies, including The New York Times Corporation, Wolters Kluwer, Reed Business and The Associated Press, and is now establishing its position as an industry leader in other verticals, including the life sciences,” said Dr. Yves Schabes, president and co-founder of Teragram. “Companies outside of the publishing niche are now seeing how important it is to tag and identify related content for enterprise search and retrieval -- a process which involves much more than just keyword search. Our software allows pharmaceutical companies to keep an edge in an intensely competitive, ever-changing industry by enabling them to organize their content in a systematic way that makes business sense to them.”

For pricing and availability, please contact Teragram directly at 1-617-576-6800. For more information, visit www.teragram.com.

Source : www.businesswire.com

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