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Marketing people do often said: Marketing difficult! Spend a great deal of manpower, material resources and financial resources to the market does not seem to appreciate, still remains in the doldrums. In addition to the overall environment of the overall market lower, then we should do well to look at their own problems. Of course, some people will say: Marketing good! Just use a little input, reached a peer expectations, even on the rise. This article inside surprise to many people, in addition to admire while, we should really consider this: do the same marketing, in the face of the same market, why do out how the effect of such a big gap?

In fact, we may wish to look carefully, the same money, but the money is spent where, why will have effect? The same input to the market sunk to channel staff, but the staff is how to use the settings and so on. In fact, the final analysis, or how to effectively enhance our marketing effect of the above issues.

China’s pharmaceutical marketing on the market as the stock market as a long period of rising then, the stock can be bought only profits, adjusting the oscillation period ahead, all shareholders in accordance with the stock market and should be developed for each separate tactical look forward to success. A few years ago the three oral solution, Hongtao K, Huiren Shenbao, through simple human sea tactics and homemade posters, advertisements can be mad money. Now, the pharmaceutical market, various manufacturers in the various channels to create a different model, continuous evaluation of various experts in this Comments more complicated market, the mode of use. The results, some manufacturers has been achieved victory, but some compensation for it go down the drain.

Quote a song “is not what we do not understand is that this world is changing fast!” In the pharmaceutical industry after restlessness Physically phase, attributed to the more sensible. Changing market, the circumstances will arise at any time, we can only do light of the actual situation stands ready to provide personalized marketing solutions so as to enhance the effect of marketing!

First, Database Marketing
Database marketing over the past two years as the rise of a new type of marketing tool, it is on the pharmaceutical market in the personality of the trend. It is based on real data, the dissemination of information to achieve point-to-point, greatly enhancing the efficiency of marketing, and achieved good returns.

However, it should be noted that there are also its significant advantages and disadvantages:

1, advantages
Informative: Regardless of enterprises built-in database or from external consulting firms or website database purchased from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of information ranging, covering Tiannahaibei customers, and information is abundant.

Strong targeted: because there is a direct phone numbers and addresses, business organizations can direct telephone marketing, marketing messages, mailing information, such as product information and means to promote, eliminating the intermediate links, a right to the point.
Cheap: Enterprise built-in customer databases, general from the regional business enterprises collected without support costs. And the purchase of foreign agents database, is quite cheap, often a 100,000 information on the data need only be a thousand dollars.

Save time and effort: dismissed from the enterprises through various channels to find agents uncertainty, Save time and effort.

2, shortcomings
At the same time, database marketing itself also some of the inevitable shortcomings.
Information, with accuracy: Database Marketing most dependent on the data, and these data regardless of external buy or establish their own enterprises, as customers will replace numbers, copied data distortion caused errors affecting marketing effectiveness.

Communication is not directly: Because database marketing is built on the phone and SMS-based communication level, and not directly to the face of customer communication, the impact of communication effects.

Lack of timely response Stock Market: changes in the market, the customer is changing, unable to face customers meant that it was impossible to capture customers in a timely manner. These changes include changes in the demand for the product, operation of the channel changes, the direction of change.

Therefore, based on these characteristics of the above, database marketing has its strong effect and purposeful. It is the orientation of the people as the starting and neglected the shape of the market and channel control. As a result, the full database marketing operations in the following areas, it could serve as a good result.

Investment in the pharmaceutical market
Investment in order to find agents or multiple product sales for the second goal, emphasis on the diversification of information and targeted. China Merchants stage of China’s pharmaceutical enterprises, more individual agents to find mainly through exhibition, the media and other means of information dissemination, is a blind passive marketing. After the introduction of database marketing, investment enterprises enhance the goals and the aim, and will greatly enhance enterprise agents Source to enhance product sales.

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