ThromboGenics in new trials for anti-blood clot drug

Belgian biotech company ThromboGenics (THR.BR) said on Monday it had entered the second phase of trials for its anti-blood clot treatment TB-402, which it is developing in partnership with BioInvent (BINV.ST).

The companies are still hunting for a larger partner to take on the late stage development and marketing of TB-402.

"Given the size of the market opportunity for TB-402 and the sales reach that will be needed to engage with the potential prescribers of TB-402, it is our intention to seek a partner to undertake the later stage development and commercialisation of this exciting new agent," ThromboGenics Chief Executive Officer Patrik De Haes said in a statement.

The first patient has been enrolled in the second phase trial, ThromboGenics said, to test whether an injection of TB-402 after surgery could avoid bleeding and the extensive patient watch needed for current anti-blood clotting therapies.

The trial will enroll 300 patients across 36 centres mainly in Central Europe, ThromboGenics said, adding the study should last until the end of 2010.

ThromboGenics focuses on developing drugs for conditions related to the vascular system, such as cardiovascular disease, visual disorders and cancer. Its lead product is microplasmin, an enzyme in final trials for eye and thrombotic disease. The company listed on Euronext Brussels in July 2006. (Reporting by Anne Jolis; Editing by Mike Nesbit)

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