How To Distinguish Between Alzheimer Demens And Regular Dementia Or Dement

Dementia becomes a problem for many elderly citizens. Dozens of millions of people from all over the world are being affected by this illness to some degree. Apart from other causes, Dementia is mainly caused by dying brain cells. The destruction of brain cells is generally caused by strokes, tumors or head injuries. Dementia, or demens, dement as it is widely known across the globe, can also be hereditary, so all people should check their family history to see if there were cases of dementia in their family, as a way to help prevent as much as possible dementia. Demens, Dement alters the personality, and it leads to mood swings and ultimately leads to erratic behavior. Those who become ill with Dement or Demens are not able to realize the fact that they are ill, because the disease slowly alters their personality, so it does not seem as they are behaving differently, at least to themselves.

While many studies in the past concluded that Demens and Alzheimer are two completely different illnesses that have no connection to each other, recent studies performed by the American Alzheimer Foundation revealed that almost three quarters of the people suffering from demens or dementia are actually suffering from an illness called Alzheimer Demens or Alzheimer’s Dementia. Dement or Dementia is often times considered to be one of the precursors for more serious illnesses such as Huntington, Parkinson, or Alzheimer. For some people dementia or demens is not hereditary or a precursor to more serious diseases, but simply a byproduct of strokes. The Alzheimer Dement’s primary characteristic is forgetfulness. Because the ones that suffer from this illness are generally older people, the first signs are not cause for concern. However, with time, this symptom keeps aggravating, and it ultimately leads to the patient forgetting more and more each day, from daily routines and to even the names and faces of their loved ones.

The Alzheimer disease is generally affecting people in their sixties. This disease disrupts to normal function of the part of the brain that controls the memory and thought processes along with the language. Because Alzheimer Dement differs from the other forms of demens, its causes have not yet been fully discovered. However it is easily recognizable by expert doctors, which after a battery of tests are able to determine correctly if the patient is suffering Alzheimer Demens, regular Dement or Dementia, or is simply being affected more seriously by the most known illness to the elderly, senility. So the visit to the expert physician is necessary to determine whether the patient is suffering from Dementia or is simply becoming senile. The most common Dement or Demens symptoms are memory deficiencies, orientation problems.

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