Using a Gluten- And Casein-free Diet Against Autism

Even before the Defeat Autism Now Protocol cited the removal of gluten and casein in one’s diet as an effective action against the symptoms of autism (and, ultimately, against the disease itself), these two proteins have already been linked to a number of diseases and complications. For instance, people suffering from the celiac disease (a small intense autoimmune disorder) and from wheat allergies are asked to follow a gluten-free diet. Kalle Reichelt, in her breakthrough research during the 1990s, cited that gluten and casein can have opioid-like effects, blocking pain receptors in the body, among others. With these, it has already been established that gluten and casein can be harmful to people suffering from autism.

Recent developments in the study on autism cite that following a gluten-free and casein-free diet can cure autism. The cause of autism, of course, has not been settled yet, although a number of theories abound. One of the theories becoming more and more prominent today is that autism is caused by a number of external factors—from vaccines to toxins. Again, while those who contend that autism is a brain disorder remain firm with their stand, many of them have already said that autism could have been triggered by these external factors, giving validation to the claim of the Autism Research Institute, among others, that autism is not just a mental disorder.

But how can a gluten- and casein-free diet cure autism?

According to a number of researches done by the Autism Research Institute, gluten and casein produce toxins that can damage parts of the body. These toxins seep through vital organs, including the brain, which could have caused autism. A research in Canada validates this claim—when gluten and casein were given to test rats, their brain became inflamed, a condition that also happens to the brains of people with autism. By removing gluten and casein in one’s diet, one can also avoid these harmful toxins.

Of course, a gluten- and casein-free diet (also known as the GFCF diet) would take time before its effects become evident. Also, some patients are not responsive to this treatment; something that can be attributed to the claimed number of reasons for the development of autism in a person. This is why the GFCF diet is usually done together with other Defeat Autism Now (or DAN) treatments, such as chelation (a treatment to remove heavy metals from the body) and the use of supplements such as probiotics and amino acids.

The GFCF diet should be done for a minimum of six months in order to take effect; something that others find difficult since gluten and casein (proteins found in wheat, rye, and milk) food products are among the main proponents of any child’s child. This is why DAN doctors also suggest the use of vitamin supplements, to give the patients the necessary nutrients they are missing from not taking dairy products and wheat, among others. Drug manufacturer Kirkman also creates food products that do not contain gluten and casein.

By : Donna Mason
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