Using Herbal Supplements To Treat Anxiety Disorder

There is a marked shift today from allopathic medicine to alternative medication especially herbal medicine. If you are among those who would prefer natural cures, there are plenty to choose from that would help you control and reverse anxiety symptoms. Herbal medication works on the system overall, unlike allopathic treatment, which only aims at correcting the diseases causing chemical imbalance in the body. The result is that though the cure is a little slower comparatively, the side effects are less pronounced.

Unfortunately, the FDA does not approve many of the herbal supplements though many are excellent products. This is one reason why some people hesitate to use herbal medication, though they are not comfortable with the traditional medicines prescribed for this condition. You would be heartened to know that following the extraordinary increase in the demand for herbal medication special organizations came into existence, which work on the same lines as FDA but limit themselves only to classify herbal products and supplements. Whenever you are tempted to buy anything related to herbs, it would be a good thing if you run a scan on the product through these agencies.

One other way to choose the best herbal products is to follow the popularity charts of the leading brands. Most of these companies offer excellent products yet do not go for the certification of any of the above organization simply because this does not cover all the aspects of the product. For example, the certification would look into the potency of the medicines, percentage of the herbs face to face to the claims on the labels, and they would look into the hygiene aspects of manufacturing and packaging. However, none of the above really offers any guarantee or enlightenment on whether the product really works as per the claims made by the manufacturing company. Therefore, the major brands, which already enjoy the confidence of the masses and have a proven track, do not find it necessary to obtain the certification, which presently comes costly.

Many herbs work miracles with anxiety. I am bringing to your knowledge in the following few lines only a few of the most common ones. I am intentionally not providing dosages or methods of use, because I feel that anyone who wishes to use any type of medication should do so with the express advice and close monitoring of his or her medical practitioner. In case of herbal medicines, you would require to see a herbologist or a certified aurvedic practitioner. In most cases, you would have the choice of having your medicine specifically made for you, which is often a good option. However, if this does not appeal to you, you could always use the supplements and products available in the market.

It is important to note here that many herbal products use a combination of two or more of the herbs described below to boost the effect on the treatment of anxiety and depression. Attempting to have your own concoction at home, armed only with information from the Net can backfire terribly. For customized medicine, which is highly recommended, you need to take the assistance of qualified herbalists or ayurvedic doctors. Do not, under any circumstances, go for the trial and error method using your own self as a guinea pig. You might get worse before getting better, and you would definitely not profit from such an experience.

by : Ian Spencer
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