Describe The Importance Of Ginekolog Examination To Your Daughter

At the age of 13 every girl must consult with gynecologist because this is the age when her sex organs start gating active.

Every girl, who reaches at the age of 13, should consult gynecologist. There is a need to get the first visit because your daughter comes at the stage where her sexual organs start getting active.

In the first visit, it’s not necessary to have pelvic examination. But if your daughter says to you that she has missed her period this month or she is having painful periods then you should take these situations seriously. If these situations don’t occur with your daughter then she might have secretions or discharge which is not useful for your daughter’s body. If your daughter is suffering through these types of phenomenon then you should immediately take the appointment.

It can happen that your daughter doesn’t feel relaxed to go for ginekolog examination but she has to because she needs to identify what’s happening inside her body. She would feel embraced or she would feel shy to show her vagina but it’s only for her advantage and interest. Being a mother, you should describe the importance of gynecology examination to your daughter so that she can be able to get ready for the pelvic examination.

You should tell your daughter that if she will go for examination, she will obtain the information which she didn’t have before. She would get to know about the body changes as well as she can get an idea that why problems have captured her body when she has her menstruation. It can be possible that your daughter is associated with any boy sexually so it’s important to know how can she get rid of pregnancy and what types of diseases transmitted during the intercourse. When your daughter consults to any doctor, she obtains several preventive measures which are important to be taken in this age.

When girls have missed period and when they obtain painful periods, they can get to know that why these things are happening to them and doctor can tell them a better treatment through which they can get rid of these problems. If your daughter is one of them then you should explain to her that whatever she is facing is not good for her health and she can have the severe problem in the future. If girls, who are having these types of problems, don’t take the help of doctor, often suffer the pregnancy problems because of having abnormal reproductive system.

These are some information which you have to tell your daughter, if you want to see her healthy and active in the future. It’s your responsibility to take your daughter to the gynecologist so that she can live her life with full fun and entertainment like majority of girls do. When your daughter will not get the pelvic examination, she will remain weak and inactive all the time. Due to this, your daughter will never give her full concentration to the studies and also to other areas of her life. Think well about your daughter because women bodies are very delicate and need special attention and care.

by : Muhammad Azeem Ashraf
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