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Preventing illness is what health is all about. If you never become ill, then you have perfect health. Constipation is one key to excellent health. Having constipation can lead to numerous diseases, so preventing it can give you excellent health

To prevent constipation or relieve constipation, you need to get your bowels to move and work naturally. This means you cannot be dependent on laxatives of any kind – drugstore or natural. There are certain natural laxatives when used in concentrated from can become habit forming. But foods that have laxative characteristics are ok to use.

Using natural laxatives can be used to kick start your colon and move the stagnant fecal matter through your colon and out the rectum. They were meant for short-term use to give you quick relief from your state of constipation – one week or so. But these foods you can incorporate into you eating habits, but not in high amounts.

When you have moved out the stagnant fecal matter in your colon, you need to look closely at how to prevent constipated.

Preventing constipation will require a change in the way you eat, exercise, and think – a life style change - and this can sometimes be difficult. It requires a new mind-set and plenty of willpower. Don’t wait until you have an illness to change your mind-set.

If the lifestyle you lead or the overuse of drugstore laxatives is producing constipation, then a change is necessary to prevent further constipation.

With a lifestyle change, you can expect to get back to normal bowel movements in 1-2 weeks and 3 at the latest.

You will need a life style where you get plenty of fiber, moisture, lubrication, minerals, water and exercise to prevent constipation.

Older people have to be more diligent in following good eating habits than those younger. Older people’s digestive abilities have slowed down and their peristaltic sensors are less sensitive.

Changes to Make to Prevent Constipation

The following eating habits and lifestyles will help to prevent constipation. Don’t try to make all of these changes at once. It is too difficult. Make these changes gradually. Not only will you stop constipation but also you will create excellent health.

· Drink plenty of water

· Eat less processed carbohydrates

· Eat more nutritious food

· Eat plenty of fiber

· Eat the good oils

· Reduce emotional upsets – at home, office, and business

· Exercise regularly

· Feed the good bacteria

· Get plenty of rest and sleep

· Keep you colon acidic

· Take a good mineral supplement

If you want to prevent constipation, take your time in making changes in your diet and lifestyle. When you do this, these changes will become more permanent.

by : Rudy Silva
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