The Drugs That Can Dampen Desire And Sex Drive

We consume a lot of medication and drugs for lot of other ailments. Unknowing its side effects or at times even ignoring its side effects. Medicines are mainly to treat and cure us from our ailments but there are certain medications which perform affective as well as leave certain side effects which can be more troublesome to deal with. Few side effects include hair fall, acne; black spots on your body, increase in appetite and sleep, excess weight gain etc. There are certain drugs available in the market which side effects include dampening your desire to have sex or sex drive.

Antidepressants pills are one of the drugs that not only reduce your sexual drive but can also lead to premature ejaculation, delayed orgasm and even impotence. About 90% of all the blood pressure pills can decrease sex and lead to impotence among men. Painkillers, Seizure drugs, Finasteride and Psychiatric drug are also largely responsible for dampening sexually desires. Impotence in some men is caused by taking medication for reducing cholesterol and also prostate medication.

Medications can also have severe side effects on women's sex drive also. The Oral contraception used by many women drastically brings down the enthusiasm of sex in them. Even discontinuing these pills later shall not make a difference. It is always recommended that medications prescribed by the doctor should be checked for any possible side effects and in case these medications can be replaced with safer ones. Women on depression pills can also experience lower sex drives and orgasm delay. Hormonal disorder in women also can lead to dampen sex drive. Estrogen is a hormone that maintains the condition of the reproductive system. When levels of estrogen drop automatically a woman looses her interest in sex. Some birth controlling pills contribute in decreasing the estrogen levels in women. Women can be suggested to use alternative methods of contraception rather than contraception pills. Sexual intercourse can be carried in the safe period of the women to overcome this problem. Consuming medication for contraception for a continuous period of six months can completely destroy sex drive of a woman. This can lead to emotional and mental stress.

Doctors and medical practitioners should also educate the patient on the side effects of the medicine prescribed instead of putting the patient through an emotional turmoil. It is the right of the patient to know and be mentally prepared for the outcome. Inmost of the cases reducing the dose or switching the medication can lessen the effect of previous medications. Some of medications are available at the drug store with out any prescription. Patience need to be very cautious while consuming any medications any changes in their habits or life style need to be immediately reported to the doctor. This shall help in treating at an early stage rather than treating when the damage is already done.

These side effects can create misunderstandings among couples and ruin relationships, hence proper guidance and knowledge about the medication must be provided to the patient.

by : Dr. James S. Pendergraft
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