Ovarian Cysts : Treatments

The pain that females endure from Ovarian Cysts can be intense and cause a great deal of suffering. But these brave women often just grin and bear it.

There are several treatment options available to you if you have just discovered that you have an Ovarian Cyst and you will find some of the best and most common http://ovariancystcures.org/ovariancystcures described in this article.

Some Kinds Of Treatment Available To Cure Ovarian Cysts.

Removal of Ovarian Cysts by surgery is a last resort and is an extreme form of treatment. However, there is no damage to the ovaries when the Ovarian Cyst is removed.

The Cystectomy surgical procedure is mostly reserved for women with cancer of the bladder. But in the cases when the cysts is cancerous, this is usually not carried out and instead, one or two ovaries may be removed.

Removal of the ovaries, resulting from cancerous Ovarian Cysts, is a very serious operation and is only carried out as a last resort. Here are one of the reasons why. The removal of the ovaries is undertaken by a procedure called Oophorectomy following which the function of the body to produce or regulate estrogen ceases. To counter-balance this deficiency a course of Hormone Replacement Therapy is usually prescribed.

In the case of non-cancerous Ovarian Cysts, there are alternative treatments to surgery. The alternatives are sometimes successful in not only preventing Ovarian Cysts to grow in the first place, but can also make the disappear completely. Naturally, we are only talking about non-cancerous cases here. Cancerous cases always involve surgery.

The Pill

One unlikely treatment option for ovarian cysts is the contraceptive pill.

Many medics prescribe the birth pill not to do away with the current cyst, but to head off future ones from forming. The hormones in the pill can prevent cysts from growing any larger. This happens because the patient can miss a few periods.

According to medical investigation, it is safe for females to go 3 months without having a period. An Ovarian Cyst can't be formed when a women is not menstruating and that won't happen if she misses periods.

If the formation of Ovarian Cysts is a family trait, or they occur frequently, then taking the birth pill is maybe something to try.

Other Methods Of Treating Non-Cancerous Ovarian Cysts

If you would like to try out alternative treatments then making specific changes to your diet and adding a few antioxidant supplements may be the best choice.

Excellent results have been reported by some practitioners of http://ovariancystcures.org/ovariancystcures and they positively rave about them. This is in contrast to others who have tried them and are lukewarm at best, only serving to recall that one particular remedy is not for everyone.

One thing to keep in mind with alternative treatments is that you should consult your doctor first. This is true before you make any changes to your diet and lifestyle.

If you are an Ovarian Cyst sufferer, then you now have some alternative remedy suggestions to think about and perhaps research further. Further research will give more information, but before finally deciding you should check out your ideas with your physician before going ahead because he will be able to help you determine what option is best for you.

Coming out of her appalling experience of defeating a particularly large and debilitating Ovarian Cyst, Olivia Curtis decided to pass on her story to fellow suffers so that they might benefit from her knowledge and research.

This can be found at her website which contains not only her story and useful articles, but also several videos showing what Ovarian Cysts are and how they can be treated.

by : Olivia Curtis
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