Over 40? You Probably have Presbyopia

Is it increasingly difficult to read newspapers and books because the words look fuzzy and you have to hold your magazines at arm’s length to read the feature story? Then chances are your trouble is caused by a condition commonly known as presbyopia.

Presbyopia is Natural

Presbyopia is not life threatening and happens to almost everyone. The condition simply indicates your eyes have lost their focusing ability. Presbyopes have trouble seeing close-up.

Presbyopia and it Cause

When you're younger, the lenses of your eyes focus easily on objects at different distances. The muscle around the lenses changes shapes, tightening and relaxing, to adjust your need to focus. That muscle is extremely flexible. But as you age, the muscles loses its flexibility and you lose your ability to focus.

Presbyopia treatments

Eye care professional can diagnose the condition. And the best way to treat presbyopia is by wearing reading glasses.

You won't need a prescription buy reading glasses. But we recommend visiting your optometrist or ophthalmologist each year ito make sure you don't have a condition more serious than presbyopia.

There are other methods for treating presbyopia. they include LASIK and lens implants. LASIK reshapes your eye's cornea. But you may still require reading glasses to see up close.

Another solution is a synthetic lens implant. The implant replaces the eye’s original lens. The procedure involves significant risks, though, which include inflammation, infection, glaucoma, and bleeding.

Safety and effectiveness dictate the presbyopia management strategy of choice is reading glasses. They're really quite stylish and make a for a cool fashion accessory too!

by : Mark Levit
Source : www.articlesfactory.com

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