Treating The Symptoms Of Low Testosterone

An enlarged prostate is one of the likely symptoms of having a low level of testosterone. This can result various problems with urination because of the prostate pressing onto the urethra. The prostate gland sits right under the bladder, and surrounds the urethra so when it expands, urine flow is reduced.

Other symptoms of an enlarged prostate can be:

* Poor urinary stream
* Frequent need to urinate
* Unexpected urgency when urinating
* Difficulty urinating
* Straining during urination
* Bladder not completely empty after urination
* Frequent need for night-time urination

Other Symptoms

Aside from the difficulties associated with the enlarged prostate, low testosterone can also produce other symptoms, such as:

* Weight loss
* Fatigue
* Enlarged breast tissue
* Inadequate erections
* Reduced physical stamina
* Lower sex drive
* Reduced muscle mass
* Problems with gallbladder

Though a predominantly female hormone, men also require a level of estrogen as well. Low testosterone levels can also be accompanied by excessive estrogen, and added symptoms from that. Possible symptoms of high estrogen levels in men include:

* Loss of hair
* Gain in weight
* Chronic headaches
* Enlarged prostate
* Bloating
* Enlarged breast tissue
* Irritable moodiness

If you have 2 ore more of these symptoms, you likely have a problem with excessive estrogen. A good approach to this problem is with some dietary changes. Eat organic meat that have no growth hormones in it, and avoid foods made with soy. Soy can actually increase the estrogen-type hormones in your system.

Hormone Shortages

Ironically, the symptoms of low testosterone do not actually result from a shortage of the hormone. Rather, it's the body's inability to use it that causes the problems. There are two natural compounds in the body that can restrict the use of testosterone. The first is sex hormone binding globulin (SHBG), and the other is albumin. They both bind to the testosterone molecules, and your body cannot free them without additional chemical assistance. Our formula provides exactly that.

Another problem caused by too much SHBG is that it can attach estrogen to the cell tissue of the prostate, as well as increasing the levels of PSA secretions. Both can lead to further prostate problems and even cancer.

Men's Formula

Our Men's Formula is designed to prevent this. But it does more. Our formula stops the enzyme that promotes excessive growth of prostate tissue, which reduces the prostate enlargement that causes so many other health problems.

Sexual symptoms due to low testosterone are also eliminated with our Men's Formula. The ingredients work to increase sexual desire, enhance sensations and improve performance. It has a powerful effect, after only a few hours. Our Women's Formula will provide the same benefits to your female partner.

Adrenal hormones are vital for increased stamina and energy. You'll find that many symptoms of adrenal exhaustion are the same as low testosterone. Both these problems usually begin to appear when you are in your 30s. Symptoms such as exhaustion, reduced sexual drive, loss of overall energy and motivation. We have blended a group of herbal chemicals called adaptogens in our Formula that work will with the previously mentioned testosterone unbinders, so both problems can be addressed at once. Adaptogens help bring your hormones back into balance, and one popular one is Ginseng.

What our Men's Formula contains:

* Wild oat and nettle extracts – these two compounds will undo the testosterone binding process and release more testosterone into your system. You can increase your levels by an average of 105%.
* Pygeum – Pygeum africanum has long been used to improve prostate health.
* Apricot seed oil – Vitamin B-17 (also called amygdalin) is found abundantly in apricot seeds, and its a powerful cancer fighter.
* Pumpkin seed oil – Enlarged prostates can shrink, and bladder problems reduced.
* Saw palmetto – Another compound that can reduce the prostate, improve bladder health and strengthen urinary flow. Specifically, it can reduce the number times you need to urinate, eliminating all those night-time bathroom trips.
* Ginseng – Can increase energy levels, stamina, eliminated fatigue, reduces stress levels and generally improves sexual performance.
* Damiana – A stimulant compound, diuretic and known to be an aphrodisiac.
* Muira Puama – helps reduce impotence problems and loss of libido, eases various nerve problems (like tremors and anxiety).
* Licorice – A long-used remedy for adrenal exhaustion.
* Ginger and Kola nut – Two more compounds to increase energy levels.
* Puncture weed – Tribulus terrestris is another natural testosterone booster.
* Catuaba – Powerful libido improvement, and nervous stimulant.
* Kapikachu – Mucuna pruriens will also improve libido, raises blood circulation to the genital organs, reduces stress and anxiety, and helps in the production of more sex hormones. In particular, it helps to release your existing testosterone from those chemical bindings.

This is a very potent formula, and does not provide mild or subtle changes.

Basically, every man or woman over 30 should be thinking about taking supplements for hormonal balance improvement. Our Men's Formula and Women's Formula will improve testosterone levels for both sexes.

When symptoms are paired with excessive estrogen, usually due to hormones in the food supply, a natural progesterone cream can help further balance your hormone levels without side effects.

by : Victor Leppky
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