What You Need to Know for Happier Feet

A stylish pair of designer shoes are the most coveted and sought-after items in a woman's closet. Consequently, high heels have become a unique statement of fashion. But when these types of shoes are worn regularly, a myriad of issues in the precious feet.

Why Ball Of Foot Pain May Caused by Your Shoes

An attractive pair of top designer shoes is one of the most sought-after items for a woman's wardrobe. As a result, high heels have turned into an exclusive fashion statement on their own. However, when these kinds of shoes are consistently used, a myriad of issues in the beloved feet. Among them: metatarsalgia, hammertoes, bunions, and arch support issues. As expected, the University of Maryland found that tight shoes, particularly those with a heightened heel, can both irritate and cause foot and toe issues. Most men also face the dangers of tight shoes. Certain types of shoes, such as rigid work boots or dress shoes can also cause foot pain. For both genders, foot pain can be brought on by exercise and sports activities.

How Poor Arch Support Can Cause Foot Problems

High heels cause the foot to be pushed forward and onto the ball of the foot. This forces more pressure onto the front of the foot rather than equally distributing the weight of the body over the whole foot. A combination of bad cushioning and excessive pressure can cause major foot discomfort. Specialized structures and tissues in the foot help to prevent injury by supplying cushioning right where it's most needed. But the foot cannot make this happen on its own. Arch support and cushioning in shoes helps add to the foot's shock-absorbing abilities and prevents foot injuries during running and jumping. Thus, it is very important to purchase shoes with excellent arch support and cushioning.

Uncomfortable shoes are another main source of foot pain in both both genders. In ladies, shoes that are too tight, especially in the toe area, are the cuplrits for most foot discomfort experienced. High-heeled shoes also cause issues because they do not provide the foot with adequate arch support, another main factor in painful foot conditions. For guys, hard, flat work shoes can present their own set of of challenges. Supportive arches are not present in these types of shoes, so they are not good choices for daily-use footwear. According to the Mayo Clinic, poor shoe choices can actually cause fallen arches, especially during athletic activities or when lifting heavy objects.

The Right Orthotic Insoles Can Provide Arch Support and Cushioning

A proven remedy to relieving metatarsalgia and poor arch support is through the use of orthotic shoe inserts. These are not regular shoe inserts found at the local drug store. There are even some made especially for high heels. They give proper cushioning and structure for feet so they can enhance your performance and stay pain free.

by : Fred Salomon
Source : www.articlesfactory.com

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