Baking Sweet Treats with Splenda

Sugar is often the main ingredient when baking sweet treats. Also, since artificial sweeteners used to cause a bitter taste, these snacks were not a good choice for those on a reduced sugar diet. This generally meant that individuals who were trying to reduce their sugar intake had to forego some of their favorite treats because of the lack of sugar alternatives available that could be used for baking. With the introduction of Splenda, this has changed. Splenda is made from real sugar instead of a chemical combination to prevent bitterness, but a variety of Splenda designed especially for baking allows individuals to make their favorite sweet treats without having to worry about excessive sugar content.

The reason that Splenda is able to replicate the sweet taste of sugar much better than other artificial sweeteners is that it is actually related to standard table sugar. Splenda is made with sucralose, a sugar derivative that uses real sugar at the beginning of its creation process. The end result is a no-calorie sweetener that still maintains the sweetness of sugar without the calories and carbohydrates. Unlike standard sugar, Splenda does not cause an increase in blood sugar levels. It can be used by individuals who are on reduced-sugar diets or those whose bodies have trouble processing increased amounts of sugar in the blood.

In addition to reducing the sugar content of sweet treats, Splenda also makes it easy to reduce the calories in baked goods without sacrificing taste. Because Splenda is a no-calorie sweetener, using it in baked goods can drastically reduce the caloric content of the foods and snacks that are made. Though the version of Splenda most commonly used for baking combines Splenda with sugar, the calorie content of treats made with this mixture is still significantly reduced over that of using simply sugar.

Splenda can be used in almost any recipe where sugar is required with little or no difference in the taste of the resulting baked goods. One of the primary complaints that many people have in regards to the use of artificial sweeteners is that they can cause an unpleasant taste. Even when the sweetener does not turn bitter from baking, the fact that an artificial sweetener was used is often difficult to conceal. Splenda’s unique taste is evident in foods and baked goods which taste sweet but do not have the calories that would be added if ordinary sugar was used in the recipe.

Splenda Baking Blend

Baking with Splenda is easy, since few if any changes have to be made to the recipes. The biggest concern that most people have before baking with Splenda is deciding whether they should use standard Splenda no-calorie sweetener or if they should use the Splenda baking blend. The baking blend combines the Splenda artificial sweetener with real sugar. While some people prefer to use one or the other for everything that they make in the kitchen, there are some situations where standard Splenda is adequate and other situations where a better result can be achieved from using the baking blend.

Standard Splenda can be used with no problems in any baked goods that call for sugar simply as a means to add sweetness to the product. It can usually be substituted in a 1:1 ratio with natural sugar. This makes the baking process much easier than most other artificial sweeteners since adjustments do not have to be made to the recipes beforehand. Even in cases where modifications are called for by the recipe, they are generally minor and the only reason for this is to better match the sweetness of Splenda to the required sweetness of the snack being created.

In recipes where sugar is used to sweeten the foods while adding to the overall texture, color, or consistency of the product, Splenda baking blend can generally produce better results. This is because there are some properties of sugar that cannot easily be replicated while baking, and standard Splenda is unable to hold up as well in the heat of the oven while maintaining these properties. The baking blend can be used in the same amounts as standard sugar, and still allow bakers a low-sugar and low-calorie alternative to using only sugar in the sweet treats that they produce.

If you enjoy baking cookies, cupcakes and more, but avoid those treats because of a low sugar diet, Splenda may be a the solution. By using Splenda you can bake your favorite snacks while retaining the same great taste that you would expect from these foods. Splenda replaces sugar at a perfect 1:1 ratio, which makes the baking process much easier. If you are diabetic or just want to live a healthier life, Splenda can help you enjoy the same great foods with the great taste that you would expect .

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