Hemorrhoids Caused by Gallbladder Surgery Complications

Dear Gallbladder Patient: Are you suffering the agony of chronic, unexpected diarrhea? Does liquid stool start gushing out of your rectum at the most inopportune times? People who have their gallbladder removed often experience this discomfort and social embarrassment. Here's a description of what they suffer, why they suffer, and some common treatment options.

Diarrhea is an expected condition after gallbladder surgery as there is no gallbladder to control the flow of bile to the intestines. After a fatty meal, or consumption of irritating foods such as coffee, bile floods into the digestive tract. And now you have "the runs."

And guess what else you often end up with (pardon the pun)? Inflamed swollen hemorrhoids. See, diarrhea exacerbates hemorrhoids in the worst way. Anal veins can't bear up under frequent episodes of diarrhea. The extreme force of liquid stool expulsion also can lead to an anal fissure. In this case, the anus burns after elimination, and there is usually blood in the stool and on the wiping paper. The burning and itching doesn't get better, in fact it worsens over the next week or two.

Chronic hemorrhoids and anal fissues can result due to an uneven diet which irritates hemorrhoids further, by constipating and then causing diarrhea.Of course your doctor is right when she prescribes a low-fat diet with several trivial meals every day as a substitute for three big tubby ones. You must also drink adequate clear fluids (at lest two liters per day). Excess coffee unquestionably aggravates hemorrhoids, so you must change your morning ritual. You may need instead to substitute a spoon of Metamucil to a clear fluid or weak tea for a while until your sore anus heals.

Did your doctor prescribe a prescription also? Many folks swear by the cholesterol-lowering drug Questran which binds bile acids so they can pass harmlessly through your system. But if you don't like the common side effects of this medication, such as weakness and dizziness, or you can't risk an adverse reaction to other meds, you might consider a natural alternative to your diarrhea induced hemorrhoid problem.

For thousands of years, people have complained of hemorrhoids. The ancient practice of soaking your bottom in a "sitz bath" is still the best way to keep that anus clean and promote healing. Herbs such as san qi, calendula, and huai hua can help by gently shrinking your sore anal veins. Even a compress filled with frozen cranberries, which you can buy at any supermarket, can be very calming while effectively shrinking those hemorrhoids. In my own case, I used a recipe contained in a marvelous new e-book, H Miracle by Holly Hayden for a few weeks and I am finally living life comfortably again. Going shopping, out to dinner, I am no longer continually aware of my hemorrhoids. As a bonus, I have changed my diet according to the principles in H Miracle and those sudden bouts of diarrhea are a distant memory. (Unless I overindulge in coffee, which is my main weakness!)

There are so many hemorrhoid treatment options to choose from. But if you want relief, you HAVE to go to the source of the problem. H Miracle offers a comprehensive strategy for ridding yourself of hemorrhoids for GOOD. The book is chock-full of causes, treatment plans, recipes for your own herbal cures, audio downloads you can listen to in the privacy of your home or car. There's even an illustrated manual for a "secret cure" using very common ingredients that heals and cures hemorrhoids in as little as TWO DAYS. You get lasting relief with this system. I'd rather not have to endure the sorrow of hemorrhoid surgery as long as I can maintain good anal health. H Miracle puts you in control so you can take your life back from the misery of hemorrhoids.

by: Jo Ellen Watkins
Source : www.articlecity.com

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