New obesity drug fights diabetes

A newly developed medication can help not only reduce weight but also effectively reverse diabetes and lower the cholesterol level in mice.

According to a study published in Chemistry and Biology, fatostatin interferes with a range of some 63 genes, many of which are switched on by overeating.

The new drug influences the sterol regulatory element binding proteins (SREBPs), activating the genes involved in making cholesterol and fatty acids.

"Fatostatin blocked increases in body weight, blood glucose, and hepatic (liver) fat accumulation in (genetically) obese mice, even under uncontrolled food intake," the researchers wrote.

The drug was also reported to be effective in fighting prostate cancer, indicating the link between prostate cancer and obesity.

Researchers, therefore, concluded that fatostatin is a 'master controller' switch which can cut off fat-making genes in mice.

They, however, doubt whether the drug would result in similar effects in humans.

Scientists hope their findings will lead to the development of a medication to could simultaneously fight obesity and other obesity-related health problems such as cancer, heart disease and type 2 diabetes.

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